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What is a multi-point locking system?

A multi-point locking system bolts a door or window into the frame and locks at multiple points. This type of lock is often found on UPVC doors and windows.

Multi-point locks can come in different designs, but usually include a centrally located deadbolt and a latch and at least two hook bolts.

multipoint locking system

How to operate a multi-point lock

The most common method to engage all locking points on a door is to lift the door handle, and all the bolts/points are locked into place when you turn the key.

On a window multi-point locking system, you usually turn the window handle to 90 degrees to engage the top and bottom bolts and then lock the window.

Some types of multi-locking systems have extra bolts in the top and bottom of the frame or even in the hinge side of the frame. Others use a method that automatically engages all the bolts when the door closes – these types tend to be more expensive than the standard versions.

The benefits of multi-point locking systems

The biggest benefit of a multipoint locking system is the additional security it gives to doors and windows – beyond that of a standard locking system.

With a multi-point locking system, even tall doors and windows can be secured in at least three separate points: the top, centre and bottom. Plus, multi-point locking systems don’t detract from the look of your door or window. They’re discreetly built in, so there’s no visual impact.

Insurance companies like multi-point locks

You may find that you’re asked by insurance companies which type of locks you have on your doors and windows. In some cases, your answer could affect your home insurance premium.

According to the Office for National Statistics, in incidents of domestic burglary where the intruder entered a dwelling, they gained entry through a door around 70% of the time and through a window around 30% of the time.

Therefore, it’s no wonder that insurance companies favour multi-point locks as they’re so secure. An intruder faced with this type of locking system is unlikely to attempt the noisy alternative of trying to smash in through the door or window.

Why you should install British Standard locks

The standards for locks are produced by the British Standards Institution (BSI). A lock that has been certified by the BSI will display the British Standard Kite Mark on the packaging and the product.

What this tells you is that the lock has met required security standards, which means it has been physically assessed. Tests are carried out to evaluate the lock's security by vigorously checking wear and tear over time as well as duplicating some of the most commons ways of compromising a lock.

Certain insurance providers insist on their home insurance policies that you install BSI certified locks while others will offer a discount if you have British Standard locks installed.

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