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Home Security for the Future

Major breakthroughs in technology have led to big changes in the security sector.

Who would have thought we’d one day be using drones to act as security guards? Or artificial intelligence to monitor our homes and businesses.

Let’s take a look at some of the latest technological innovations in home and commercial security.

Drones as security guards

Recently, there’s been a flood of companies launching drones for home security. There are some differences in the way they work, but the most common feature is for the drone to act as a flying security guard, looking out for risks.

Drone security cameras can provide terrestrial feedback and aerial observations on your home. Some drone surveillance systems use even more advanced technology including thermal sensors and the ability to chase an intruder. Others use solar-powered sensors to detect movements, acoustic signals and even vibrations on the ground.

Once information is fed back from the drone, you can see which areas need further investigation.

Artificial intelligence (AI) in surveillance cameras

AI is essentially giving surveillance cameras brains. As well as monitoring activity, the cameras will analyse what they’ve seen.

Some surveillance systems are using cameras that tap into Google AI technology to differentiate between people and animals. There are also features that include being able to communicate with intruders or visitors through the camera using your mobile phone. Or you could set your system to play a recording when someone is detected entering your property.

Other systems taking advantage of AI have tapped into more than just motion sensors. For example, Cocoon is a system that uses multi-room Subsound® technology to sense unusual sounds in your home. Using AI to detect unwanted activity, it teaches itself how to protect your home and knows to alert you if it senses something out of the ordinary is occurring.

Facial recognition software

Facial recognition systems use AI, prompting the camera of your security system to recognise your face and the faces of people who regularly visit your home.

This technology significantly cuts down on false alarms. If you or a member of your family comes home unexpectedly, the software knows when it’s someone who’s allowed to enter the premises. As a result, you, or the police, won’t be alerted. However, if the face isn’t someone it recognises, it will immediately raise the alarm.

Smart home security integration

AI security systems can also link up with your smart home technology. For instance, Amazon Echo and similar devices can work with your security system, even learning how to recognise your voice.

As a result, you can use Echo or other personal assistants to control your security system, cameras and electronic locks. You and your family members can arm or disarm your security system with your voices – meaning the system isn’t dependant on one person to manage it.

Smart locks with sensors

Smart locks have now been developed with sensors that can inform you when your doors are open or closed and locked or unlocked. You also have the option to ‘auto unlock’ your door for anyone carrying a smart key.

There’s even a smart doorbell that’s been developed with a tiny camera to send a live feed of the outside of your home to a mobile phone app. That way, you can see who’s calling at your house even when you’re not there.

Would you like expert advice on how to secure your residential or commercial property?

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