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4 Effective Ways to Protect Your Home

The crime rates for house burglary in Surrey is thankfully relatively low when compared to figures for anti-social behaviour and drug crime for the last 12 months, but this is still 5,218 burglaries too many. So what can you do to make your property more secure, to not only prevent a burglar gaining access to the inside of the property, but to also deter unwanted intruders from even considering making your home their next target?


Here are 4 top security recommendation that will provide extra reassurance and will help deter and prevent burglars from gaining access to your home:

Alarm Systems

There are many alarm systems on the market offering both wireless and wired options and a host of programmable options enabling you to choose which rooms and entry points you want to arm. Wireless alarms are relatively easy to install and Yale offer a good range of home alarm systems, wired and wireless, priced under £500.00. The Yale Pro SmartHome Burglar Alarm Kit can be expanded with up to 80 wireless accessories to give you complete peace of mind.

Double Glazing

Double glazing has, without a doubt, been a contributing factor to the lowering burglar crime rates across the UK in recent years, however, some unrelenting thieves have used some crafty techniques to get around this security barrier, some going as far as completely removing the window and frame! We can, however, help to reduce the likelihood of a burglar gaining access through a window by ensuring all windows have locks in good working order. If you are leaving the house unattended for a long period of time, these locks should be used which will put shoot bolts into the frame. Beaded windows can have security clips, tape or sealant applied to provide extra security.

5-Lever Mortice Locks and Bolts

A rim latch (Yale type lock) on a front door is not going to be enough of a deterrent. All wooden and glazed external doors should be fitted with a 5 lever mortice deadlock. Frames can be reinforced with metal strips and mortice rack bolts and surface mounted press bolts are also recommended for extra security. Patio doors can be lifted out of their runners if they don’t have an anti-lift device, so it is advisable to check with the manufacturer – they should have a minimum of 3 locking points. If you have a multi-locking handle, you need to remember to lock the door with the key as lifting the handle will not provide adequate protection as it is the turning of the key that will engage the locking mechanism.

Security Lighting

Installing outside lights to your property is a very effective way to deter night-time thefts. After all, no burglar wants to be caught in the act! Motion lights are triggered by movement and so provide protection without running up the electric bill. Careful placement of these lights is needed as you want to ensure that all possible entry points onto your land is going to be illuminated and that the lights are pointing to the point of entry, not the house. If your house is a uniform shape, positioning lights on each corner of the house may effectively cover all vulnerable entry points.

Having lights on whilst you are not at home will also help to deter a burglar. If you don’t like the thought of leaving your lights on day and night whilst you are away, then you could consider a home automation system which will allow you to control your lighting from a mobile device, wherever you are in the world!

These recommendation are provided by Stuart Rock, owner of Rocks Locks Locksmith & Security Systems. Rocks Locks offer FREE security advice surveys to homeowners and businesses. If you would like to find out more about how to make your property more secure, please call Stuart on 07900 335525 or visit

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