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Keeping your home secure – the latest security tech

Our home is our sanctuary, a place brimming with stories and irreplaceable possessions. From the colourful drawings your children proudly display on the fridge, to the heirloom mirror passed down from generations. Every corner holds a piece of what makes your life unique.

These treasured memories and belongings deserve the utmost protection. Having a secure home goes beyond just protecting your belongings, it provides a foundation of safety and security.

How to keep your home safe

Gone are the days of worrying if you remembered to lock your front door - the smart home revolution has reached security too, allowing you to keep an eye on your home from anywhere with an internet connection.

But with so many smart security options on the market, it's easy to get overwhelmed. So before you start spending large amounts of money – lets break down to what truly matters for a system that delivers real peace of mind.

Smart doorbells

It’s hard to ignore video doorbells nowadays. Most houses on your street probably have one, and there’s a good reason for that too. The best video doorbells are excellent tools for the smart home, acting as a virtual guard, receptionist and video recorder all in one.

From watching out for cars parked on the drive, welcoming visitors and wrangling couriers and deliveries, to protecting your surroundings, the video doorbell is a helping hand and a worthwhile investment.

Indoor and outdoor security cameras

Whether you’re on holiday, just popping down to the shops or waiting on a package, security cameras can help you know what’s happening at home.

Much like a smart video doorbell, a security camera records anything within its field of view, so you can check in on it and watch a live stream (via an app) while you’re out. It’ll also detect any motion – whether caused by a person, animal or vehicle – and can notify you.

House Alarms

For years, people have installed the traditional bells-only style of alarms. These alarms usually consist of a box with an alarm sounder, and then sensors/detectors placed in key locations around the home, such as near doors or windows. The alarm is controlled via a fixed panel and/or key fobs supplied with the product. The alarm only sounds when the system is triggered and doesn't directly alert you or anyone else.

A smart alarm is a wireless system that uses your home’s wifi network to connect the different components, which is why they are affordable and you may be able to install one yourself. Like a typical alarm, it will blast out a loud noise that will trigger when something activates the sensors.

The two most popular types of sensors are Open/close sensors for windows or doors, and PIR (passive infrared) Which detect motion using infrared. Put these in a hallway or other entry points to your home and, when it's armed and the sensor sees something move, the siren will sound. Some smart alarms include wifi security cameras from the same manufacturer. Not only do these act as motion sensors, but they allow you to see what’s happening in your home if the alarm goes off. This way, you’ll know if it’s a false alert or a real emergency.

Security lighting

There can be little doubt that one of the most effective ways of protecting a property is with the installation of outdoor security lighting. Although it is still advisable to have another method of security in place, such as an alarm system, the mere presence of lighting is enough to put off many would-be intruders.

Smart PIR security lights are outdoor lights with built-in motion sensors, CCTV cameras and 2-way audio. Once installed, the light is connected to and controlled by an app on a smartphone, tablet, or smart speaker. The motion sensor detects movement, which turns the light and camera on. Some smart PIR floodlights include a siren, some have spotlights while others have floodlights. The homeowner also gets a notification so they can view the camera and talk to potential intruders from anywhere in the world.

Door locks

A smart lock is a door access mechanism that uses a technology more sophisticated than the humble key. This could mean any of a number of methods is used to unlock the door, including smartphone, fingerprint, fob, card or keycode entry.

Some also add the capability to unlock the door remotely, or up close via Bluetooth, using a smartphone. This advanced category of smart locks can make it particularly easy to give people access to a property while you’re away

Smart padlocks

If you’re looking for a smart lock to secure your shed or outbuilding, an outdoor padlock could be an interesting alternative option to explore. This clever device can be opened via a connected smartphone app, providing easy, secure access to the owner, or whoever they choose to share access with.

Window locks

Window locks provide added security for your home, helping to deter intruders and ensure the safety of those inside. Most insurers will insist on having window locks on accessible windows before they will insure your property.

One way to ensure maximum security is to use the right type of window locks. Sash locks are ideal for vertical sliding windows, while lever locks work best for casement windows. Keyed locks provide added security and can be used on any type of window. For added protection, padlocks can be used to secure windows from the inside. By choosing the appropriate type of window lock for your specific needs, you can ensure maximum security for your home.

We provide 24/7 Emergency Assistance

Should you find yourself victim of burglary and forced entry has caused damage to a door, window or lock, there is an urgent need to make the premises secure.

You can rely on your local Rocks Locks locksmith to be with you quickly to make any lock, door or window repairs and to change the locks if necessary.

At Rocks Locks, we're experts in helping you to secure your home or business and ensure that all important peace of mind.

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