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What’s new in home security in 2021?

Smart security has been around for a few years now. What’s new for 2021 is the advancements made around the services and devices that can be added to the central hub.

There are a growing number of all-in-one solutions available that pull together security, surveillance, and alarms – all with more technologically advanced monitoring systems.

 home security trends 2021

Unobtrusive indoor and outdoor cameras

In some ways, the more obvious the camera, the greater the deterrent. But in recent years, homeowners have been looking for more discreet options to install inside and outside the home.

A comprehensive home surveillance system with video recording built-in can include a video doorbell as well as indoor and outdoor cameras. Indoor video cameras can come with two-way audio.

Surveillance footage can be saved onto a device or in the cloud. You can also connect with your smartphone and stream live footage from your cameras, wherever you are.

Different types of sensors

Most smart home security solutions will include some sort of sensor. How many and what type you need will depend on your property (and pets that could trigger sensors will need to be taken into consideration).

Entry-level systems may include door and window sensors and a motion detector. A central hub will connect and communicate with these sensors via wireless.

Additional motion, heat or light sensors can be added. These may cover entry points, outbuildings, garages and sheds, etc. The beauty of a smart home security solution is that you can start with the basics such as doors and then add on extras to include more areas of your home.

Smart alarm systems

A smart alarm system works in exactly the same way as a traditional alarm in that it will activate an alarm call if a sensor is triggered.

Open and close sensors can be placed on windows or doors in two parts that connect, and the alarm sounds when that connection is broken. Or a PIR sensor will detect motion – this sensor is generally located by doors or in a hall.

However, unlike traditional burglar alarms that are operated from a control panel in your home, smart alarm systems can be controlled by a smartphone app. This means you can activate or deactivate the alarm when you’re away from home.

This remote activation feature has become increasingly popular, and now many homeowners have a wider network of alarms throughout their home. These are all connected to a central hub that allows remote operation of each individual alarm.

Connect to multiple devices

What has changed rapidly in recent years is the number of home devices that can now be connected to your security hub. These include radios, lights and plugs.

It’s highly convenient to have a light come on when a door is opened. Or a radio or voice-activated device come on when a motion sensor detects movement.

Originally, smart security systems would include alarms, sensors, and surveillance cameras. This has now expanded to include door and window locks, smoke/CO detectors, water sensors and garage door openers.

There are also various keypads and fobs that you can use for one-touch arming and disarming of security systems. Or you can choose to operate your whole system from an app on your smartphone.

Monitoring of security systems

The monitoring of your security system by an external agency can be added to your smart security package.

For a subscription fee, you can have your home monitored by a security firm who will contact your local fire and police departments if an alarm is triggered. This can be a permanent service, or you can opt for an on-demand monitoring service and only pay for a level of coverage when you’re away from home for any period of time.

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