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What steps should you take if your home or business is burgled?

If you have the misfortune to be burgled, your first step should be to phone the police to report the crime. Obviously do not enter a property if you think an intruder could still be inside.

The faster you report a crime, the more likely it is that the perpetrator will be caught, and your goods recovered.

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It’s important not to touch anything as there may be evidence that the police’s forensic team can use. This could be fingerprints, other marks or footprints.

The police will give you a crime reference number once they have processed the details of the crime. You will need this to give to your home insurance provider when you come to make a claim.

Contact your bank and other organisations

If any personal or company credit/debit cards are missing, you should contact your bank to make sure they are blocked before anyone has a chance to use them. The faster you do this, the less time the burglar has to make use of the cards. It will also speed up the process of replacement cards being issued.

You will need to contact your bank or relevant financial service provider if any digital storage devices containing your financial data have been stolen. This could include computers, back-up and storage drives, USBs and smartphones.

You will also need to alert the appropriate authority if any passports or driving licences have been stolen.

Make a list of everything that has been stolen

Go through your home or business premises to check exactly what has been taken. You should make a detailed list of any missing or damaged items.

If any of the stolen goods have serial numbers or identifying marks, you should give details of these to the police and your insurance provider.

Inform your insurance provider

Contents insurance will enable you to claim for stolen or damaged goods while buildings insurance should cover any damage to your property.

You should contact your insurance provider as soon as possible, and they will give you a claim form to complete. They will also require the crime reference number given to you by the police.

If you still have receipts for any of the items that have been stolen, you should let your insurance provider know as they may want to see them.

Increase your security

You will need to make sure any doors and windows are made secure. In the short-term, this may mean getting them boarded up.

In the longer-term, you should consider upgrading your home or business security. The police may advise you of any weaknesses in your security that allowed the burglar to gain access.

Higher spec locks on both doors and windows might be required. You may also want to investigate the latest smart security systems. These systems link together locks, alarms, lighting and CCTV into a central hub that gives you overall control of your security.

Would you like expert advice on upgrading the security of your home or business?

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