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Smart digital locks

The pros and cons of digital locks

With advances in technology, the popularity of digital locks is increasing.

There’s now the choice of gaining access to your home or business using a PIN, keycard, fob or even fingerprint and face recognition. Does this mean keys will become a thing of the past?

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of digital locks.


The benefits of digital locks

For many, the main enticement of going digital is that they no longer have to carry keys. This can be a big incentive if you’re managing a busy home or workplace and keys are constantly being lost.

A digital locking system allows you to exert greater control over the management of access. You can enable one-time access for specific visitors, regular entry for others – and you have the ability to deny access at any time.

A smart keyless entry system lets you set specific codes, and ‘digital keys’ can be given to anyone who needs access. This enables you to monitor and track who is allowed entry.

From a security perspective, digital locks give a high level of protection as it’s extremely difficult to break in by trying to decipher a code. Another advantage is that your digital locks can form part of your overall smart security system and link up with your alarms, lights, sensors and CCTV via a central hub.

The downside of digital locks

Digital systems can be more expensive than a basic physical locking system. However, they are becoming more affordable, and there are plenty of options to choose from – starting from basic digital entry systems and going all the way up to the latest smart security packages that incorporate every aspect of security.

The main thing that can go wrong with a digital system is a power failure, which can cause problems. An electric or wireless operated system will require a backup power option.

When it comes to managing the system, you’ll need to ensure compatibility with your hardware and software, particularly if you’re planning to manage the digital lock remotely via a mobile device.

The advantages of smart home security

Going digital brings with it flexibility and control. You can monitor and manage remotely and build your security system using a digital lock as the starting point.

There are now so many interactive security products on the market, you can grow your security around what’s important to you.

Whereas before, installing security lighting or fitting a burglar alarm were separate tasks, with a smart security system, they can work together to form part of your overall security plan.

If your home has areas of vulnerability, for instance, a back gate or low fence that allows someone to gain access to your garden without being seen, you have the option of adding motion sensors to your security package.

For businesses, you may want to add surveillance cameras and outdoor lighting to the exterior of your premises.

The beauty of digital is that a keyless lock is just the starting point, and more security features can be added as and when required.

Would you like expert advice on how to improve your security?

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