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Why every business should conduct an annual security survey

All business can be vulnerable to criminal damage, including theft, vandalism and arson.

That’s why it’s a sensible precaution to have an annual security check. By pinpointing strengths and weaknesses in your current security, you can take steps to safeguard your business premises.

As a consequence of this, you can also lower your insurance premiums, create a better working environment, and increase consumer confidence.

Control who has access to your building

By controlling who can gain entry to your building, you not only keep it more secure, you also make your employees feel safer.

If you have traditional locks, make sure you have registered keys. That way, duplicates can only be made with your consent.

Alternatively, install a keypad system that only permits access if you enter the correct PIN – you have control of setting the number, and you can change it as frequently as you like. Or you could have an entry card system that allows access when you swipe a card. Cards should only be activated and deactivated by you or your security team.

Check the outside of your premises

As well as checking the security of your building, look at the perimeter of your property. Can you control access to your land?

If you run a business that has a high risk of intrusion, you may consider installing ram raid barriers. However, these can be off-putting to visitors.

Instead, motion sensors are a less obtrusive option. Motion detectors can trigger lights to come on in any areas where an intruder could hide. If you’re in a built-up area, putting lights at all entry points will soon alert people nearby to an intruder.

Motion sensors can trigger an alarm, start a camera recording or both. In addition, you can point infrared cameras towards high-risk windows and doors. When motion is detected, the unit starts recording, and you can send an alert to yourself or transmit a live feed to your security officer.

Test the security of windows and doors

The level of security you use for your windows and doors will have a big impact on your insurance premiums.
For instance, all the locks you use on doors and windows should be highly secure and adhere to British safety standards. Your insurance policy may require a certain standard of lock and some insurance companies will specify this.

If the nature of your business makes you susceptible to break-ins, installing shutters, burglar bars or grilles on windows will offer another layer of protection. They’ll also act as a visual deterrent.

Again, this level of obvious security can be off-putting to your visitors. An alternative is to fit a sensor so that an alarm will be triggered if anyone tries to force open a window. Or a broken glass sensor that activates on the sound of breaking glass.

Both of these options can be used together, or you could opt for a sensor that will activate a camera when a window is broken or opened.

Allocate responsibility for areas of security

It should be clear which member of staff or security officer is responsible for each area of security, down to who ensures windows and doors are locked at the end of each day.

You should also allocate responsibility for who sets the security and alarm codes and keep a register of who has access to passes and keys.

By issuing a comprehensive security policy for staff to follow, you’ll help them to feel safer. You should also ensure employees take responsibility for monitoring visitors and keeping access points secure. Any loss of keys or entry cards should be reported immediately.

Would you like free expert advice on how to secure your business premises?

Stuart will conduct a FREE security survey to assess your business premises and check for any points of weaknesses in your security.

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