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Increase the security of your rental properties

Landlords have a duty of care to ensure the homes they provide are safe and secure for their tenants.

Fortunately, there are plenty of simple measures you can take that will improve the security of your properties, even when there are frequent changes of occupant or multiple tenancies in one building.

Flexible digital entry systems

Ideally, landlords should change the locks of their properties between tenancies, but this is an additional expense they can do without. Instead, many landlords have opted to install a keyless digital entry system.

A keyless entry system immediately eliminates the problem of having to alter locks for each new tenant. All that’s required is to change the PIN number or entry code that’s needed to access the property and give a new number to each new tenant. There’s no longer any risk of keys ending up in the wrong hands, and access permissions can be changed at any time.

Keyless digital entry systems are perfect for rental properties as they can be controlled remotely by the landlord. In houses of multiple tenancies, they’re ideal as you can still control access to the property even though you have numerous people coming and going at different times of the day and night.

Secure communal areas

In houses or flats with communal areas, security can be a problem. To make sure your tenants feel secure you can install internal night sensor lights to come on when there’s movement in a communal hallway when it’s dark.

Another simple action is to put spy-holes into the doors of flats or in houses of multiple occupancy, so your tenants can see who it is outside their door.

Reassuring external lighting

As well as internal night lights, you should also ensure exteriors of your rental properties are clearly illuminated, especially at entry points. That way, a tenant will be alerted if someone is outside their home and they can see who it is through the spy hole.

Sensor lights should be fitted to the front and rear of a property, so lights will come on if there’s any movement. These lights will make tenants feel more secure when returning home after dark, and also act as a deterrent to intruders.

If you notice any dark corners where intruders can conceal themselves outside your property you should position a sensor light to illuminate these areas.

Tighter window security

Landlords are responsible for making sure all entry points and windows are secure and in a good state of repair. Rotting windows should be replaced, and it may be worth swapping wooden frames for durable UPVC ones instead.

Locks should be fitted on all ground floor windows – this may be a requirement of your insurance policy – and it’s sensible to fit them on windows throughout.

Scalable smart security systems

visonic powermax express system

Security alarms are reassuring to tenants and a deterrent to intruders, so make sure your alarm is visible on the outside of your property.

Today’s smart security systems can be managed by landlords remotely and alert them, and local authorities, if a break-in occurs. Your security system could include alarms, lighting and even CCTV – all of which can be controlled from your PC, laptop or mobile device.

You may feel security cameras are not necessary for all rental properties, but they can be useful on houses of multiple occupancy, when tenants and visitors are frequently going in and out.

With a smart security system, it’s up to you how many elements of your security you choose to install and link-up – you can scale up or down as necessary. But, essentially, the more you do to make your properties secure, the more appealing they’ll be to tenants.

Would you like expert advice on how to secure your rental properties?

If you’d like to find out how the latest home security products can improve the security of your properties, contact Stuart at Rocks Locks. Stuart will conduct a FREE home security survey and provide advice on the best security solutions to meet your needs and budget.

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