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How to securely manage and monitor who can access your business premises

Keeping business premises secure can feel like a logistical challenge, but thanks to technology, it can be much easier than it first appears.

With keyless locks and remote monitoring, you can easily control who has access to your company’s building.

door keypad

Do you need keys?

If you’re planning on changing your locks or method of access, then consider whether you want a key-based lock or not.

If you have lots of employees who need access at different times of the day, it can become necessary to issue multiple sets of keys. The problem with this is that keys can go missing or be stolen, presenting a security risk.

With keyless locks, you can issue entry cards, fobs or PIN codes that can be rescinded or changed at any time. If you do decide that you need keys, you can install locks that have registered keys – duplicates can only be made with your consent.

Manage access with smart door locks

Smart door locks will offer a high level of security without the need for keys. Smart locks can also be connected to your overall security system, linking your door access with sensor motion lights, security alarms and CCTV systems.

With smart lock products, you can choose which method you use for staff to gain entry. Options include key fobs, RFID cards, smart bracelets or an app that can be installed on your employees’ smartphones.

You can give permanent or temporary access schedules as required – whichever access level is needed for a particular person. Permissions can be changed at the touch of a button, making it easy for you to grant or deny access.

Monitor access remotely via WIFI

With digital locking systems, you can monitor who accesses your business premises via your PC or smartphone.

With a keypad system that only permits access if you enter the correct PIN, you have overall control of setting the number, and you can change it as frequently as you like. Or with an entry card system, cards can be activated or deactivated by you or your security team.

If staffing levels have changed since lockdown and more employees are now working from home, now is an ideal time to revise your entry security. You can programme access schedules that only allow entry to certain employees at certain times.

Convenient app security management

A significant advantage of a connected smart lock system is the convenience of managing it remotely via an app.

This gives you the ability to control your business security from wherever you happen to be, using your smartphone. You can lock and unlock doors and change permission settings whenever it’s convenient to you.

You can install a mobile app that will notify you when someone uses their digital access code or pass to enter the building. And you can set push notifications to alert you when entry is made.

Surveillance subscription services

If you take out a surveillance subscription service, your business is monitored by professionals who will contact you if they see anything suspicious or an alarm is triggered.

This service is enhanced if you have smart locks that tell you who has gained access and when. The security team managing your premises will know who you’ve given authorisation access to, making it easier for them to identify an intruder.

If anything suspicious is spotted, they can trigger an automatic locking action to prevent intrusion.

Would you like expert advice on how to improve the security of your business premises?

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