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Keep your commercial premises secure during lockdown

It’s a volatile time for businesses, not helped by the fact that many have had to close their commercial premises due to lockdown restrictions.

With staff members furloughed or working from home, many buildings are sitting empty – putting them at risk of intrusion. On top of this, there are fewer people out and about, making it easy for burglars to break in unobserved.

If you need to keep your commercial premises safe from theft or damage, you probably need to introduce extra security measures to target any existing vulnerabilities.

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Increase your levels of protection

The more layers of security you have, the harder it is for intruders to break in. Therefore, your security review should encompass your building and the perimeter of your property.

If your commercial premises carries a significant risk of intrusion, then ram-raid barriers are an ideal deterrent. You should also ensure any side gates or perimeter fences and walls are undamaged and secure.

You can fit anti-climbing devices or barbed wire to stop anyone scaling a perimeter fence or wall. High-risk premises may also benefit from having burglar bars such as grilles made of steel to offer an added layer of protection.

Meanwhile, you should fit all external doors and windows with robust locks. Where possible, keep internal doors locked.

All the locks you use should adhere to British safety standards. You may even find that your insurance policy specifies the type of lock you should be using.

Change settings of access control systems

If staffing levels have changed during lockdown, now is an ideal time to revise your access levels. Allow access to only those employees who need to enter the premises to carry out their work. This will reduce the risk of theft.

Change the settings of all access control systems covering entry points. This could mean using new PIN sequences or deactivating individual access cards.

Install security cameras

CCTV cameras that can detect motion and can be viewed remotely are an efficient way of monitoring an empty premises.

Another option is to fit thermal heat detection cameras that can scan and recognise faces. These cameras can automatically detect temperatures, triggering an alert. These are useful for monitoring warehouses and large premises where people are still coming in to work.

In commercial premises with security guards, CCTV will enable the guards to monitor the whole building. Linking the cameras to alarm systems will alert them to any unusual activity.

Fit motion sensor lights

Lighting outside your commercial premises can help to prevent intruders and vandalism. Triggered by movement, motion sensor lights act as a deterrent as they illuminate anyone entering the premises.

Motion sensor lights should be directed towards any areas where an intruder can hide. In a built-up area, position lights at entry points to alert anyone nearby to an intrusion.

Would you like free expert advice on how to secure your business premises?

Stuart will conduct a FREE security survey to assess your business premises and check for any points of weaknesses in your security.

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