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Property Marking: Top Tips for Marking Up Valuables

Marking up your valuables can act as a deterrent to thieves as clearly identifiable property is more difficult to sell and its value is reduced for the thief.


Plus, you are more likely to have your property returned to you in the event of it being lost or stolen if it’s identifiably yours.



mark up valuables
What items should you mark?

Electrical items such as TVs, laptops, games consoles, mobile phones, digital and video cameras and audio systems can all be marked. And you may also want to consider marking other valuable items such as jewellery, valuable ornaments and bikes.

The simplest way is to use a clear identification mark that can’t be easily erased. You could mark with your house name or number followed by your postcode.

Ultra-violet (UV) pens

Because the marks made by UV pens are invisible to the naked eye and can only be seen through a UV lamp, the appearance of your valuable item is unchanged. UV pens provide a simple and inexpensive way to mark property and will not impact on the value of the item.

Laptops, iPads and expensive electrical equipment can be easily marked with your postcode or another personal identifier. Then if they’re stolen, they’re immediately identifiable as your property.

Etching and engraving

Other ways to mark your items include etching and engraving. These methods will also act as a deterrent to thieves as they will be able to see if an item has been marked.

You can engrave your property by using scribing or ceramic marking pens or an electric hand engraver. Or you could etch a unique reference onto your property using a chemical solution and stencil.

Either of these methods can be used to mark china, glass, glazed surfaces, bikes, lawnmowers and other heavy equipment. But bear in mind, both these techniques are permanent and visible.

Security tag your bike

immobitag your bikeSecurity tags have the appearance of normal stickers but are extremely difficult to remove. They not only deter potential thieves, they help the police to recover your bike if it’s stolen.

You should attach your ID tag to a clean part of your frame in the location recommended by the instructions. You can then register your bike with the ID tag number and frame number along with a picture on Bike Register, the national cycle database.

Alternatively, ImmobiTag provides an easy-to-fit electronic tag that emits a unique ID that's embedded into your bike frame and is almost impossible to remove. ImmobiTag is registered on Immobilise, the UK national property register and is linked to all UK police forces.

You could also register your bike with Bike Shepherd, who have come up with a mobile app that lets you scan codes. This is handy when you’re buying a new bike and want to check it has not been stolen.

Security Stickers

As mentioned above, security stickers can act as a deterrent as they’re visible and make your valuables highly traceable and less sellable.

Some are made to be tamper resistant while others can be glued on with specialist adhesive. In either case, they’re difficult to remove, so this may be a consideration. Some stickers could damage your property if you try and take them off while others leave a UV trace when detached.

All of the above marking options can help you to protect your property against would-be-thieves and assist in the retrieval of missing goods.

Would you like expert advice on protecting your valuables?

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