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Common entry points for burglars

Burglars are quick to take advantage of any unlocked doors or windows – and they can also force their way into a property with surprising speed too.

Here we take a look at some of the common entry points thieves use to get into homes.


The front door burglary entry points locksmith camberley

It sounds obvious, but the front door is one of the most common entry points for a burglar. Experienced thieves know exactly where to search for spare keys that are often hidden by home owners near to the entrance of their property.

And if they can’t find a spare key hidden under a plant pot, they could try and kick the door in or remove it from its hinges. It’s also not unusual for people to forget to lock their doors or leave a key within easy reach of the lock.

About 40% of completed break-ins involve forced entry while 32% of burglaries were through an unlocked door.*


Secondary doors

A secondary door such as a side or back door or sliding patio door is also a common entry point for a burglar.

A back door provides an ideal entry point as it’s often out of view of neighbours and passers-by, giving the thief time to break in. Sliding glass doors can be vulnerable as they can be smashed or lifted off their tracks even when locked.

To protect a sliding door, try jamming a wooden rod in the track or using a sliding bolt to secure the frame. It’s also a good idea to install a door alarm to bring more protection to secondary doors.


Ground and first-floor windows

A window left unlatched will soon be spotted by an eagle-eyed burglar. Or they can simply smash their way in, especially if you don’t have strong window locks.

Windows are a fragile entry point. You would be surprised at how many burglars enter homes through first-floor windows as well as ground floor. A nearby tree, or easy access to a ladder, will enable burglars to enter through upper windows.

You should always secure first floor windows in the same way as you do lower ones and fit sturdy locks on them. You could also install reinforced glass to protect against potential break-ins or fit window sensors or alarms to provide added security.


The garage

Another potential access point is the garage, if it is attached to your home. It’s important to make sure the garage is always kept locked and install a robust lock – and don’t leave the garage door opener in your car.

You may also want to invest in a sturdier garage door that is more durable – one made of fibreglass, wood or metal is best. For increased security, you could install a programmed entry code system.


Further security tips

Of course, the first thing to remember is to check all your windows and doors are secure every time you leave the house. Next, you want to make sure you have the toughest locking systems you can afford on all of these entry points. You may also want to invest in additional security devices such as CCTV cameras, infrared motion sensors and more lighting outdoors.

By strengthening the security at all of the above entry points, you will reduce the risk of burglaries and also keep your family and valuables safe.

Would you like expert advice on how to secure these entry points to your home?

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