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Visonic Alarm Systems - Fully Versatile Security for Your Home

Visonic, an international developer and manufacturer of high-quality electronic security systems and components, has an extensive range of wireless security products and detectors for residential, commercial and industrial properties.

They provide advanced intrusion, safety, emergency, communication, and remote observation solutions. I’ve recently been taking a look at their versatile wireless security systems that can be monitored by phone or via a secondary company for a minimal monthly cost. Their alarms are grade 2 insurance approved.

PowerMax Control Panels

PowerMax wireless home security solutions enable users to manage all the systems in their home or office environment including security, lighting, air-conditioning and appliances with early alerts of smoke, gas, and flooding.


Through a user-friendly keypad, a PC program or any remote touch-tone or cellular phone, you can manage your home or office environment. Commands are intuitive and easy to recall, thanks to an icon-based user interface with audible prompts.


The PowerMax home automation system protects as many as 30 zones with virtually any combination of Visonic equipment. It supports a wide range of detection devices including wireless passive infrared (PIR), pet-immune motion detectors, glass break, gas, smoke and flood detectors, and door/window magnetic contacts.


In the event a threat is detected, PowerMax automatically issues a report to the monitoring station, simultaneously transmitting digital and voice alerts to pre-programmed private telephones and/or pagers. Two-way voice communication can also be initiated to enable remote homeowners to assist a child or elderly resident.


PowerG Wireless Property Protection Visonic Alarm Systems

Visonic develops new technologies and products that solve real security challenges, and their PowerG alarm systems are an example of this.


PowerG intrusion solutions use a combination of advanced communication technologies to provide cost-effective, reliable wireless intruder alarm systems. Their strength and reliability are close to wired systems, plus they’re a green, energy-saving solution that supports the environment.


PowerCode Wireless Property Protection

Visonic PowerCode-based wireless property protection products include indoor and outdoor motion detectors and safety sensors that detect smoke, gas, CO and floods. PowerMax systems can also be connected to a wide range of personal emergency transmitters and enable immediate response in cases of emergencies.


Connectivity Options

Visonic’s PowerMax home security alarm systems include cellular and IP connectivity options for broadband and/or GSM/GPRS communications. This enables uninterrupted data transfer in case of a link failure or interferences.


PowerMax home security systems can be installed with the most suitable communication links and security backup for any premises or any customer. Additionally, the IP-enabled PowerMax system can be connected to PowerLink, Visonic’s Internet-based solution and wireless surveillance cameras for advanced home security and control.


Installation and upgrades are quick and easy and can be changed or added, even several years later, according to your evolving security infrastructure.


Find out more about Visonic Alarm Systems

Stuart has recently undergone Visonic training and can install all PowerMax home security products.


If you’re looking for the latest cost-effective, high-tech home security products, Rocks Locks can recommend the best solutions for your home. Why not get Stuart to conduct a FREE home security survey to provide you with advice on the best security options for your needs and budget?


Find out how to improve the security of your residential or commercial property, contact Stuart at Rocks Locks on 07900 335525.

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